Monday, April 21, 2008

Tidying up the Hellebores

They look like HECK before their spring haircuts, but they seem to be sturdy enough plants, and Hooray! on removing the dessicated foliage I found volunteer seedlings under the pink flowered plant. I do wish they would hold their faces up though so we could see their charming freckles.


Barbee' said...

Oh, these are precious! I do think we should plant them on a hillside so we can look up into their pretty faces. But, not everyone has a hillside.

Have you seen the photos of breeding stock at Barry Glick's web site Sunshine Farm and Gardens? Here is the url:

Betsy said...

I just went over to see your blog and must point it out to everyone: you have a lovely hillside and a beautiful garden, Barbee'! Just lovely.
Yes, Barry Glick has done great things for the Hellebore - and he is a wonderful speaker if you get the chance to hear him talk. I saw him years ago in Lansing at a trade fair where I was volunteering. My Hellebores are nice plants, but common and what I could afford, sadly not anything special when you see the incredible hybrids out there.
Ah well.

Barbee' said...

I'm still trying to get some of the common ones. I bought a few at the grocery store last summer. Poor timing on my part because we soon had drought and everything (including me) was struggling in the heat. I noticed some of them made it through the winter and there was one puny looking bloom. I will keep an eye on them and try to help them along. I like the common ones, too. The new varieties are out of my budget range for sure.