Saturday, April 05, 2008

NGJL, little flagman

I've decided to post a little waving cautionary flag in my subject line, to alert my casual reader who links in from garden related lists, expecting garden commentary, who may be disappointed to find something off topic posted here.
NGJL, if I remember to use it, will alert you that the pertinent blog entry is concerned with some other subject in my eclectic existence and may not be a pretty tulip photo for instance. (Not intending to insult tulip photos, I love them as much as the next person.) Oh, NGJL stands for Not Gardening Just Life.
On my search to find just what it was that Randi Rhodes said to get her hand slapped, I ran across this gem.
Max might have been a good blogger, had he lived. Kinda a theme this week, no?

Also off topic:
Did you think back, yesterday, to remember where you were, and what you felt, and what you did, forty years ago? I did.
And I thought the world would be so much better by now.

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Jane Marie said...

Merci Max, et merci Betsy.