Sunday, April 20, 2008

GTS: Some Herbs Are Making Their Comeback

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Motherwort: transplanted last year from Skip and Tree's yard, and Hooray! I see seedlings emerging all around it:

Lungwort: this one is a volunteer. I know, Pulmonarias have become a popular ornamental nursery plant, a favorite with hybridizers, but I like the old standby:

Lovage: can't (or should I say shouldn't) make chicken stock without some lovage:
Salad Burnet: another volunteer. In my yard burnet always makes an appearance in the gravel walks, not in the beds where I place it.

Hops: This is a prolific plant, so don't feel bad about giving it a severe cutting back. I'm thinking, from what I've seen this plant do, that if I left just a few stems, it would bear enough 'cones' for the family brewmeister, if he wanted some ... You can observe I need to do some work in the garden, cleaning up the winter debris.

My garlic planting looks good! I planted these cloves last fall.
But whew! I didn't get around to photographing half of the neat things coming up!

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Angie said...

Everything looks to be coming up nicely! We have lungwort in our woods... I may have to go settle some into my beds!

Hedgie said...

I was fortunate enough some 25 years ago in getting to spend an evening with the poet Richard Wilbur; it turned out he's an enthusiastic herb gardener, and that's all we talked about. He swears that any herb garden worth that name has to have lovage, which is his favorite herb.

Jane Marie said...

I planted lovage last year. It looks very healthy already. All other herbs are doing well. I could use some new lavender plants, I think they are old and tired.