Wednesday, April 16, 2008

NGJL - ice cream castles in the air

I was sitting in the dentist chair yesterday watching HGTV when a commercial came on for a 'green house giveaway' which reminded the dental hygienist of a story she'd heard. A woman won a really, really big lottery and paid off all of her family's mortgages. And then she won another big one, and spent it all on herself, which led the young lady working on my teeth on a beautiful Michigan spring day to comment that winning all of that money was a scary thought.
Not exactly the word I'd have used.

So, in the usual manner of significant things just 'turning up' on my path, this morning the video posted here was in my mailbox, waiting to be connected for y'all.
What would you do with three trillion dollars?

The Three Trillion dot org interactive website is lotsa good clean fun, and makes me wonder why we don't have the collective will as a nation to spend our fortune on good things.
Go try it out: you can even put your kid's mortgages and health insurance for your grandchildren in your 'shopping cart'...


Nancy J. Bond said...

Looks like the Bush administration is the big spender in this one. :) But it is fun to fantasize about what one would/could do with that sort of $$!

Brenda Kula said...

I truly love those two words together: collective will. I shall remember that. Good for you for coming up with this post! There are lots of things about this nation we live in that I just don't understand. I do know one thing for sure: our dollars could be going for far better good than it is at this moment. There are many causes that could use more backup: such as the organization I volunteer for. Meals On Wheels. Why aren't we doing more for our children and the elderly? For everyone in between for that matter! This was inspiring for me this afternoon.

Lets Plant said...

Great post!!