Wednesday, April 02, 2008

If she had a computer in 1903

... she would certainly have been a garden blogger.
Here is one of the old gardening books I picked up at the Library Bookstore in Ferndale last week: "My Kalendar of Country Delights" by Helen Milman

And here is a scan of the "prelude" pages for Helen, who is long gone. Hope you can read it. She might have made a fine blogger, she had the right attitude.


ourfriendben said...

Sob! You've found a vintage gardening book that I don't have! Now I'll have to find it and add it to the exploding shelves. Oh noooooo..........

Betsy said...

Hi friend Ben,
I hope you look at my next post - digital libraries were like buried treasure when I ran across the first one I found. The budget and the bookshelf space both may be groaning, but as long as we have The 'Nets, we readers are so lucky.