Thursday, April 17, 2008

minor bulbs and spring ephemerals

The floral calendar shifts into second gear. I hope all my little treasures will be able to adjust to the sudden sunlight afforded by the removal of the Colorado Blue Spruce that was providing shade for them during summers past.

Dutch Iris (Sorry for the blurrrr. The wind was blowing when I tried to take the photo.)


Dutchman's Breeches

Remember - for a closer look, click on the photo.

Spring Beauty



jodi said...

Wonderful, Betsy. I'm a fan of both minor bulbs and spring ephemerals, but so far all we have up here is crocus, galanthus, and now the pink chionodoxa and two brazen puschkinia, so far. And the ephemerals are still ephemerally asleep. ;-)

Betsy said...

Hi Jodi,
It sounds like you are a few weeks behind us here in Michigan. Bloggers on the 'internets' with our 'just in time' photographic journaling certainly give a perspective on the advance of spring that only actual travel would do otherwise. Don't they call that phenological indicators, or is that reading the future by head bumps? I should look that up.

I've never grown chionodoxa - and I like pink flowers! Something else to look for in the fall.

I *suspected* I was spelling puschkinia wrong, but was in a hurry... as usual. I'll get busy and correct that! Post post correcting is legal in Bloggerland, is it not?