Tuesday, April 01, 2008

not just me

So I came home from a cold and gray "spring-break-in-Michigan" lunch with a big pile of gardening books. Tree knew of the best little indie bookstore in Ferndale right near the restaurant where we ate. I ask you how did my son ever find a such a girl?

And so I'm home again looking up a little info about my books on the net and somehow in the link trail I run across this video. Apparently Tori Amos, who incidentally Tree liked enormously a couple of years ago but I of the older generation never heard of, came out with an album based on a theme of beekeeping? Coincidental that I've just become interested in beekeeping this year.

It seems too, from her discussion of this number in her vid, that Ms. Amos is using her talent to explore her own 'path with heart' which is, what I think a lot of people are going at with this personal business of web-logging that some of us have been tugging at the edges of recently...

If you follow the Youtube link you can see the music videos. I just thought the explainer vid was something to think about. Seeing this young woman using bees as a way of exploring something she wants to talk about, put me in the Wayback Machine to a time when I was a young college student suddenly sure my ancient English professor had no idea of what Sylvia Plath's bee poems were talking about. That finding my own validity in thought was a moment of growth into adulthood for me.
I think Tree appreciates Ms. Plath as well, now that I think of it. How these associations do spiral in on something. This time, something to do with bees and validity and expression.

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