Monday, March 31, 2008

today is your last chance for march madness, 2008

Looking for signs of spring while waiting for the robins and worms to return?
We gardeners know our snowdrops, crocus, winter aconite, hardy cyclamen.
But in the bigger world ...
Sweaty little kids riding bikes with their winter jackets unzipped.
Teenage boys in (brrr!) shorts carrying skateboards.
Bagged mulch piles at gas stations.
The whole yard and garden merchandising thing.
Free roosters showing up on Craigs List, no one wants roosters.
Buckets hanging on maple trees, maple sap collectors laying hoses.
The buds on the trees starting to thicken - color will come soon, with the sun and rain.
Distant golden yellow Willows at the edges of fields are usually the first color that inspires my confidence as we drive through the brown landscape.
Today is your last chance for 2008 March madness.
Take bets on When the last snowpile will melt!

A strong cup of coffee

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