Thursday, March 13, 2008

snowing again and a figurative ray of literary sunshine

Thought my bookish readerish type friends might appreciate this website I ran across a few days ago. It's called Daily Lit, and what they do is send you a 'page' of a book of your choice every day in your e-mail. I know, you think you get too much e-mail as it is! and so do I, but this is different for me and you might enjoy it too.
It's a little 3 minute escape, like the old Calgon commercials I used to see on the telly. Remember those spots? the lady in the bathtub dreaming "Take me Away, Calgon!" but I digress.
I chose an old favorite, "The Wind in the Willows" and rereading it a page a day I'm seeing again the humor and gentleness and love of the natural world that made the book a favorite back when.
Some are free, a few need a paid subscription. It would take a long while to run out of the free classics at a page a day - I might have chosen Cervantes or P.G. Wodehouse or Edith Wharton, but I wanted simple pure escapism. Go see if there's a book for you, and let me know!

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