Sunday, March 09, 2008

Lucky #7 Green Thumb Sunday

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My solar calendar reference, the White Oak tree (on the right - behind the garden shed), dawn, late November '07.

The Colorado Blue Spruce tree in the foreground left, is 'no longer with us'. In this part of the world, white oaks are native trees, and much more valuable than the 'exotic' Colorado spruce. These two trees illustrate my point: the oak is still growing at age 175 plus. The spruce tree was diseased and dying, and became a liability from the age of about fifty. The oak still hosts wildlife, plants acorns, and provides beauty. The spruce is mulch.


Anonymous said...

The case is the reverse in our yard. You should see what they did to the poor oak to keep it going. But loving oaks, it will be hard to let it go!

Lovely shot of your yard.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Not all trees are equal and that is a certainty !
What a pretty pink sky in the background !

No Rain said...

Pretty photo. Was this taken at dawn or dusk? I've always been interested in oak trees since they don't grow here. It's fascinating that they can live so long and remain healthy. Usually old tree are like old people, they succumb to some type of illness.
Happy GTS,