Thursday, March 27, 2008

flowers and candy

On my turning path again. So I'm rumbling around this morning reading and absorbing words from clicked link to clicked link on the great big net. Dissatisfied with this blogging thing, unhappy with politics and the big world outside of my backyard, in anxiety at contemplating the future for my children and grandbabies. Generally unhappy. Discontent (what is the derivation of that word?) Feeling a bit of what is called, in the world of liberal bloggers, 'cognitive dissonance'.

Casual reader, as I've told it before this is supposed to be my 'happiness and light' blog. A guide to gardening and living a herbal life. Photos of my backyard and my garden projects. Recipes and tips. A bit of pointing to things I like and words that inspire me. It hasn't been that. I'm sorry.

'How-to' blogs bore me. The perfect garden is out of my range and I'm not a photographer. 'Other People's Stuff' is fun to look at, but ultimately meaningless to me. Candy.

If you look back in the archive at the way I began garden blogging it was what I would call impersonal in the way a Hallmark greeting card is impersonal. I read my first review that implied as much. And I took it to heart and tried to journal a bit more about my life. Fewer quotes, less poetry. It works, for bloggers out there who want readership: be original.
But now, for me, once again I'm finding myself at another turn.

At this point I'm thinking of turning this so called garden blog into my simple journal, no theme, no writing for 'the community'. If you are still reading you are welcome to continue on my path with me - it is wide enough or we can go single file in the untrod parts, or I guess you will find again your bigger road.
But as usual I digress. We are in the weeds here.

This morning I found some interesting things that dug up some memories and associations. As I told before, I am not of the superstitious bent, but my life has proved to the scientist mind in me that there exists coincidence and prescience in the world that is verrry verry hard to rationalize. Or maybe it is just my mind filling in the blanks and drawing Venn diagrams of inclusions and links between meaningful moments.
I've talked enough for now. I'll continue some more on this path later.
And yes I still owe you that cactus jam recipe.

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Hedgie said...

The great thing about a blog is that you can take it wherever you choose to go with it; it's not at all unusual for someone to change the jpurpose of the blog she's been keeping. It's always most productive to consider one as a means of exploration, I've found. Here's a pome by the Canadian poet Jan Zwicky that suggests something of the same idea:

"Small song for the sky in spring"

Don't be troubled so!
Yes, the wind blows, you are
tossed about and can't tell
what you think. but remember
how the blaze of summer
took you from yourself.
Wind blows where it blows!
Listen: even now, behind this
you can hear faint music,
the lilt of voices
in some other tongue.

Good luck with whatever direction you choose to go.