Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

... to my Irish friends!
Well there we were on Saturday night, having a late burger at the White Horse Tavern after the folk music program at the Greater Flint Arts Council and who should walk in but a Leprechaun with her friend, a glittering green foil Shamrock Tree. No lie. And I wasn't even drinking.
The group at the next table had been celebrating since 3 at the local Irish family/community gathering and were getting together to plan the rest of the weekend from gist of the conversation. A morning run, a pub crawl in Bay City, then more parties. Something about the timing of Easter made this particular Saint Pat's Day a three day celebration for party loving Irish hereabouts.
I want to be Irish.
If I had a cool leprechaun costume like that gal, I could jump up and dance a silly jig for a whole day and people would love it instead of thinking I was slightly crazed. I could drink Bailey shots and toast and joke. What a stress reliever for these long March days!
Anyway, now I can begin stories with "I was sitting in a tavern and a leprechaun walked in..." and be telling the solemn truth. Another check on my life list.

Anyway here is a picture of what I found at the end of my rainbow yesterday:


Brenda Kula said...

I forgot all about St. Patrick's Day! I was married once to a musician who played Irish music. He played the guitar, mandolin, banjo, and something else I can't recall. That was years ago. Anyway, I wish I was Irish too. The Irish seem to have so damned much fun!

Anna said...

I can't say that I could start a comment like that--too funny. I don't drink except for the occasional glass of wine now and then. But this last weekend would have been a good time to start-lol. It does seem to be a good stress help from those I've seen get drunk. Happy St. Pat Day back at cha!