Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Message from Pat

Pat, our CSA farmer and organic gardening teacher, sent this message to her list and told me I could post it. In case you aren't a reader of my cranky enviro-green pacifist blog, I should probably tell you here that (over there) I posted a few awfully cranky posts about the big meat recall that is even making a few of my fast food eating friends nervous. The meat, that is, not my cranky blog which they don't read.
Anyway, Pat is on the same wavelength about the disgusting state of animal protein being foisted off on the consumer in this nation, and here is a bit of her message:

Greetings all,
It's been busy around here - or at least, I've been busy.
[Note: I snipped some personal info here - Betsy]

But I have had time to see and read some news about the food supply in this country that just makes me shake my head in disgust and shame. Largest recall of beef ever! The news videos have been frightenening, and have reminded me to talk to you all again about the source of your food.
[Note: Pat attached a copy of the same article I linked to in my cranky green blog - Betsy]

Since you have come so far as to join a CSA in search of better food, I hope you are a receptive audience for further suggestions regarding what you buy and eat. I'm not going to suggest that all of you become vegetarians, although I know several of you are. I am going to let you know - as I have in the past couple of years - that there are better choices for animal products also. We are taking a first step for the CSA by making better eggs available for order this year.
[Note: Yipee! - Betsy]

While I can't provide meats for you, I can lead you in the right direction - local, or at least Michigan, small farms that sell poultry, pork and beef, milk and cheese.
As I organize some sources for you, I hope you will do some research on your own. Where to start? A favorite website of mine is the Sustainable Table ( From it you can read lots of interesting stuff, plus access the websites and the meatrix. The Meatrix is a series of animated videos (3 at last count) that illustrate the problems with confined production of meat. It's easiest to view these with a high speed connection, of course, but most dial-up connections can manage if you are patient with the start and stop process (once you've watched it through once, a replay should come in with out the delays).

If you are still buying meat, milk and eggs from the grocery store, please do some investigating into just how those products are grown and processed. Small local farmers, especially organic ones, don't mistreat their livestock nor do business with the slaughter houses that do.

If you want to connect more with the small organic producers in Michigan, I suggest attending the Organic Conference held each year in March. Michigan Organic Food and Farm Alliance sponsors this event, which now features something for everyone, not just for farmers. MOFFA welcomes your support as a non-farmer attendee of this year's conference. Maybe you'll even want to join! find the information at [In the interest of "full disclosure" I've been on the Board of MOFFA for 16 years and I help plan and organize this conference.]

Wishing for spring to come soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dawn said...

Hi Betsy and Pat! It sounds like you have a wonderful CSA- and adding eggs is very exciting! I work for Sustainable Table and just wanted to mention that if you have a slow connection to the internet- we now have streaming video that will hopefully help you watch the Meatrix!

Thanks for mentioning our website- it's great to know there are people out there using the information.

Take care, Dawn