Sunday, February 24, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

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Even the cats are shrugging their little cat shoulders, turning around and coming back indoors...

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I'm dreaming of a green thumb! While other GTS posts are showing plants, and gardens and such things that make us so in love with our growing green world, here in Michigan we are still looking at gardening catalogues and dusting off our seed starting lights. See what we're dealing with! SNOW! and COLD! and at risk of sounding like a broken record... CABIN FEVER!
This was a few days ago, but heck, the days all run together in February.

On a brighter note, my J.L. Hudson seeds did arrive in the mailbox yesterday - I hope a few hours at 26 degrees didn't kill them. But in the same mailbox was a catalogue from FarmTek/Growers Supply... gardener's porn, to be sure. I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon daydreaming about which greenhouse I'd buy if I won the lottery, and how I'd fit it into the backyard.

(And thank you Blogger for restoring the spell checker!)


Tricia said...

You just reminded me that I have to check out my garden porn too. I'm a little behind as usual, but I'm sure if I order some garden delights soon I'll get some seeds in time to start ahead of the season.

Sometimes I order live plants or roots as well. Do you?

Kylee said...

I'm commiserating with you. It's been a long winter...

No Rain said...

It does look cold there! Our spring has started,with wildflowers blooming, trees budding out, and other plants beginning to grow. By the time you are over winter, we will have our first day over 100 degrees. I don't know which is worse--endless snow or endless heat!
Happy GTS,

Betsy said...

Hi Aiyana,
Thanks for the comment! I looked at your cactus-y blog and lived vicariously for a while. Your yard is beautiful, and I happen to think your yard art is very nice.
I guess the answer is to travel in the difficult seasons, if we can.
It's hard to imagine natural warmth right about now, but I'm trying!

Betsy said...

Yes, Tricia, I've mail-ordered live plants over many years, and seen the industry change and grow. For plants Bluestone Perennials is a reliable company. Nichols Garden Nursery did a good job too. I'm not a big spender so it's been years since I've ordered from the big companies, but I used to occasionally order plants from Burpee, Park and Wayside. Friends swear by Pickering for roses, and Companion Plants for herbs. My spendy trendy friends love White Flower Farm and Plant Delights. Last year I got some small woodies (ginkgo, serviceberry) from the local Conservation District!

Sarah said...

I've got cabin fever too. It's always worst on days like today- the snow is mostly melted, and it looks like is should be April and 40 or 50 degrees. Then reality sets in: It's only 36 outside, and we're getting a huge snowstorm tomorrow.
Stay warm!