Sunday, February 03, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday #2

My second attempt to do a GTS post, the first time on a Sunday:
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Two primroses, a teacup violet outgrown it's teacup, a sweet marjoram, and a few succulents. I buy a few primroses at the grocery store every year in January to perk up the winter doldrums with their leafy greeness and crayon colored flowers. They'll be planted later in the garden and most of them come back for at least a few years and they'll bloom for me in cool moist weather.

Same with the sweet marjoram. If you keep your eye out for them, the potted herbs in the produce department go on sale occasionally. You can get your investment back if you grow a sweet marjoram or rosemary, keep it pinched to make it branch, and plant it in the garden come spring. Come Spring.


Becca said...

How nice of you to put a link to my blog! I can see that we like a lot of the same plants and I admire your thriftiness in buying herb plants for sale in the produce department! Did you see my post about buying the culantro?

Sarah said...

Your Primroses are so pretty. I had one before we moved, and I really miss it. I guess I'll have to look for one this year. :)
Happy GTS!