Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Woodies For Local Herbies

The Genesee County Conservation District (Michigan) has their woody plant sale page posted. Order right now and pick up in April at Cummings Center - just in time for planting.
The prices are incredible. This is one way people (like me) who live on a budget can justify buying plants. I just ordered a ~$4 Hazelnut and a 10 pack of Serviceberry shrubs for ~$9.
Local herbies - you can order various other woody herbal trees and herbal shrubs.
Think Elderberry, White Cedar, Black Cherry. They are small and bare rooted, but alive and ready to go! Planting a small woody plant may seem like a long term proposition, but there is no shock from transplanting from a nursery pot, and if the plant is in the right spot, it'll take off! I've successfully planted GCCD Ginkgos (not available this year), a Serviceberry, a Filbert, and Elderberries. Check it out:

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