Friday, February 12, 2010

A few commercial messages

This video was posted on Mountain Rose's FB page, soooo cute, Chives the Mouse! I had to share it with you ... even if I haven't yet managed to fit it on my blog properly.

And, I copied this a few days ago... but it sounds like Tina and Maryanne are still snowed in! "The Mar/Apr issue is ready to be labeled for mailing, which we will start tonight so we can beat the next storm to the post office! Subscribe or renew today! It is full of good stuff. Like:
Shaker Gardening
Susanna Reppert started a new series on Herbs of the Zodiac
An excellent article on seed starting - just in time!
Part 2 of Marita Orr's discussion of herbs "down under"
Herbal Hand Lotion (several recipes included)
Green Drinks
Lemon Verbena
Spring Cleaning
and a whole bunch more!
Until the 15th, new subscriptions will begin with the Jan/Feb issue,
and receive the Mar/Apr in a few weeks.
Lots of other herbal goodies on the website too!
Tina Sams
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_download FREE ISSUE_
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