Monday, June 26, 2006

In the Garden of My Life

Copied from a garden bulletin board about 5 years ago. If you know more about the source, let me know:

In the Garden of My Life
by Jeanne P. Maack

I ponder my existence in the garden of my life. I reflect upon the purpose for which I came to be. I commune with my Creator as I experience the wonders of His creation. The birds overhead surround me with their simple symphony. The bees buzz to and fro adding their voices to the birds' sweet melodies and suddenly there is a harmony of voices surpassed only by the choir of angels in the heavens above.

The flowers fill my garden with their colorful splendor and sweet fragrances. Even the rich black soil serves its purpose by providing a neutral background to all these gorgeous colors and shapes. The butterflies flit from flower to flower; their wings so colorful that the flowers seem jealous and at times pale in comparison.

The herbs add variety to a dull menu and the many varieties are so different just as humans are. No two flowers, no two plants, are exactly identical, similar but different as we are. I love to watch the wind rustle through my plants. They seem to dance to their own tune. The swing back and forth and sometimes even bow in honor of their Creator.

A popular little saying in the sixties told us to "take time to smell the roses"... a simple reminder to enjoy life; enjoy the beauty of nature around us. Another sixties slogan told us "bloom where you are planted"... reminding us to use what has been given to us and do our very best in the gardens of our lives. There is a harmony in nature that shows us how to live in peace and enjoy the simpler things in life.

My garden is a kaleidoscope of colors and textures, shapes and forms. Even the green stems and leaves are a multitude of hues and shades adding to its richness. If I had my way, I would sit for hours and hours just drinking in its beauty but alas, I only have a limited amount of free time to contemplate and meditate upon its rich diversity. It has been said that "one who plants is close to the heart of God".

We reap what we sow. If we sow love, we reap love. If we sow the seeds of neglect and apathy, we are alone and bitter. I am in awe that we simply take a dead seed and with proper nurturing give it new life which returns to us one hundred-fold. We cannot forget the sunshine in our garden which warms our earth and helps bring the seeds to life and helps them develop as they were meant to. We, too, need the "sunshine" of our family and friends to enrich our lives.

Take two minutes each day and go into your garden. Put all your troubles on hold. Use one minute to thank God for allowing us to experience the garden of our lives. Use the other minute to simply take it all in.

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