Wednesday, June 28, 2006

garden humor, Irises and cottonwoods

The photo was taken on our short vacation trek to Traverse City, we caught the Iris Farm on a good day. Serendipity. It was lovely, I ordered irises to be dug and sent at the proper time, and there were artists working everywhere.

Anyway, here's the garden humor...

Albuquerque had a fascinating ordinance passed recently that followed along the same lines of one passed in Tucson a number of years ago. They have banned the planting and sale of five plant genera because of their pollen: Cupressis; Ulmus; Morus; Populus; and Juniperus. The last two seem most amazing, what with the quaking aspen groves in the mountains, the cottonwoods in the desert watering holes, and the millions of Juniperus monosperma in the desert surrounding Albuquerque.
On the horticultural tour, noticing several elm seedlings near a commercial planting, a Kansas agent quipped, "Look out - organized crime."

Ba da bum.

Actually, to me, Cottonwood trees are noxious weeds. If I was Queen of the World, there would be a law against them.
Early June is the time for inviting folks to your yard for tag sales, graduation parties, outdoor weddings... or even to enjoy the height of your yard's floral display, but my yard looks like it's been sitting right under a dryer vent.

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