Friday, June 30, 2006

Borage diary

2001: My borage always self-sows, so I was watching for it this spring (which BTW was cold and WET) but I thought, when it didn't appear, that it was not coming back. However, it did start to sprout seedlings in mid-July, which was droughty and hot, and is doing nicely once more in a terrible droughty and record-setting hot August.
September 2001: it is doing beautifully.

Disappeared 2002.
Planted 2003.

May 30, 2006: My borage volunteers started blooming yesterday, tasted one last night.
I am an obsessive weeder. I think the years that I lose my borage are the same as the years when I get around to all my weeding early.

I've dedicated two spots to borage - one in the back of the herb garden where it can go nuts - an eastern exposure. And the second in and around the cold frame, near the back door, to pick for topping salads, when I pick lettuce.

Borage is for cheerfulness and courage. Here's something interesting I've read, that i'm going to try: the leaves contain the same chemical as the saltpeter that is added to incense to help it burn. You can burn the dried leaves and they will throw off sparks. Mother Nature's Fireworks? Sounds like fun!

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