Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Sad

Happy - Spring is coming.
Sad - It snowed this morning.
Happy - The snow is disappearing.
Sad - But Spring isn't here until you can smell the worms.
Happy - I saw my friend Sharron today at the afternoon movie at the Flint Institute of Arts. The movies are about women artists this month, and today's offering was a 1974 documentary by Amalie R. Rothschild about her grandmother, mother and herself.
Sad - We (Sharron and I) have very similar stories involving our 'life with grown children'. She is so much wiser than I.
Happy - I returned her books and lent her my extra copy of Barbara Kingsolver's Poisonwood Bible. It's good to have friends who read serious literature and like serious film. And who have time to share them with me.
Sad - It is sooo grey outdoors today.
Happy - When I got home I found my harbinger of Spring in the backyard, the snowdrops, melting themselves a nice roomy spot, and petalling up for promised bloom.
Sad- Spring is coming. Will I be up for another year of gardening?
Happy - Spring is coming. The snowdrops are back.


Melanie Chopay said...

Betsy, I vote HAPPY :-)

Jane O' said...

Hi Betsy, Barbara Kingsolver is one of my absolute favorties and Poisonwood Bible is at the top of that list. I just realized she is not on my favorite author list. I'm going to add her right now!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it always that way? I guess we can call it "bittersweet."

Betsy said...

Melanie, Jane Marie, Brenda Kula, thank you for responding. I know, I know this cloud will pass when I get out in the garden again, but these last weeks of winter feel sooo dreary. It's good to see the advance of spring bulbs marching north as I look at more southerly blogs, and read enviously about warm soil and birds chirping, but it always seems like right when Michigan is exploding with lucious lovely green green green, then my time becomes the most precious commodity. And I begin to doubt whether I can keep up with my commitments while keeping time aside to appreciate all the glory of another year being born, as I should. Yes, bittersweet is a very good word.