Saturday, March 14, 2009

MHA Conference - Educational Displays

The herb and garden vendor rooms are crowded with shoppers, but I like to check out the display tables in the education room. My friend Lois has done a great job organizing the project, and for the past few years she has encouraged a better participation with fine results.
Herb groups from all over the state bring in educational displays - focused on a single topic, the herb of the year, or whatever their local group is doing to promote the use and enjoyment of herbs.
A nice time can be spent reading the displays and learning from other groups.
I took a few photos to share.


Jill-O said...

What great looking displays! Is there any part of the conference open to the public? I've toyed with the idea of joining the MHA for a number of years but felt that being a master gardener kept me busy enough. After seeing your photos, I may need to rethink my position.

Betsy said...

Yes, the Michigan Herb Associates' Conference is open to the public. But they give you a discount on the ticket if you join. Amusingly, the discount is equal to the cost of joining, and the (very nice) quarterly journal is included in your membership. You should try it a year and see if you think it's valuable to you. I think the timing of ANR week at MSU is ideal, since we aren't snow birds and haven't been on a spring for years.

Jill-O said...

Thanks for the info, Betsy. I'm definitely going to join this year.