Sunday, March 01, 2009

Another Stepping Stone

Blue flowered and patterned teacups this time (along with color coordinated, scavenged stained glass and store-bought glass tiles).
Just needs three coats of sealer, but I wanted to post the photo today to brighten up the scene.
Doing these small projects does give some focus during the long winter.

I don't know how well these broken china steppers will hold up to foot traffic out in the yard; I'd like to learn more about other people's experience. For one thing, I'm guessing they will need to be coated with a sealer every year as insurance. The other china decorated stone that I put outdoors seem to be holding up for now but it hasn't been walked on. Maybe I'll put them in a spot where traffic is light and thoughtful, like in my herb garden.

I thought about taking them to place around the demo herb garden at the Extension for a point of interest during the garden tour. That could still happen, but I just found out the "Gardens in Thyme" weekend at Crossroads Village, where I promised to teach some classes about making homegrown herbal seasonings, was scheduled for the same weekend as the Master Gardener garden tour, where I usually hang out at the demo garden to answer questions, so I'm torn in two directions.
Why do they do that?


lemonverbenalady said...

I admire your positive energy!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Now that is so pretty ! can I order a few ? LOL .. Funny because Katarina did a beautiful table in mostly white with a bit of blue .. great minds think a like ?

Jeremy said...

Hey Betsy,
I love your site, I am a homesteader/seed saver from upstate NY.
I wanted to offer you a free engraved garden stone from our site garden stone site You have a lot of nice quotes on your site maybe you'd like one of those done. Contact me through my site - Jeremy

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful...and a wonderful way to keep spring in the winter season.