Tuesday, March 03, 2009

hmmmm - where does the Google trail lead today...

I was Googling around looking for a website with a volume to weight converter for calculating how much dried herb to buy for our dried seasonings class in June. I make my own dried herbal seasonings blends for the family, but to volunteer to give away my own stash of herbs to a dried herb class, in June, no less - and to have extra packaged herbal seasoning blends to sell for the Herb Society's fundraisers, we need to buy packaged herbs. Not as good as homegrown, but the students will need material to work with.
We have a group account with Frontier, and I recommend their products.
Anyway, to make a short story long, I was Googling along and on the Blotanical dot com website ran across this video ... on another topic, but worth watching. Not that I watch FOX television, but this video confirms my aversion to Faux news, and my distrust of corporate milk. What was that I was saying about Monsanto?

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