Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mothers Day Recap

Tony and Ashley picked out a green pear scented soy candle for me and brought the grandbaby girls over for me to hug for a little while. They are so charming.
Skip and Tree sent a pretty flower arrangement in a perfect for me ceramic box with white roses and lilies and we had a nice long phone conversation.
Patrick? You tell me. Ashley says he probably worked the Mothers Day shift so his colleagues could have the holiday off. She is sweet and I like to think that way too. But I miss him and we will see him in a few weeks now. Knock on wood.
Frankly, seeing and hearing and hugging is tops with me.

Today after I came home from the Home Street garden I was doing some paperwork and the patio door was open. I kept thinking I was breathing in the fragrance of some spring flowers, or maybe my neighbor was drying her clothes with some new fabric softener. I went outdoors for a minute ... hmm? Just everyday springish nice air ... the scent was in the house. Of course, it took a while for this old nose to figure it out - Skip and Tree's flowers were scenting the whole room. It was the lily there on the table, doing what lilies do.


Titania said...

Hi Betsy, I like to come back into your nice herbgarden. It is so comforting to see your herbs drying and than used for teas etc.
You also had a lovely Mother's Day to share with us visitors! Thank you.

Betsy said...

You are welcome to visit, Titania, but please excuse the appearance of neglect in my herb garden. I'm still doing yard maintenance on the rest of the yard, squeezed into an overscheduled life (including too much blogging), and the dearest to my heart, the herbs, end up last on the list. Why is it so? I loved reading your blog and recommend comments readers to follow the link to it.
I left a comment there but I think it ended up on the wrong post (I'm so NOT computer savvy) so it makes little sense - I'm going to try your recipe for potato dumpling thingies with sage butter. Sounds delicious.