Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May is Morel Month in Michigan

That was the title of a pamphlet I picked up from the Extension years ago and it just sticks in my mind and comes out my mouth whenever I come across anything to do with these delicious native mushrooms. Talk about fungi perfecti!
I just saw a sign on the local gourmet deli/store advertising morels and it reminded me of this: A couple of weeks ago my kids took me to Eastern Market in downtown Detroit (I picked up a couple of herbs and a beautiful Rex begonia) for my birthday and my son Skip bought a pound! of morels and split them with me. Later we went to one of the very nicest restaurants I've been to in all my years, and we had a memorable meal.
We were done in when we came home, and cooking a gourmet supper (or ANY supper for that matter!) was too much to even consider! so I did what I could - I picked the primo morels out of the bunch to use the next day (I like a buttery morel sauce over pasta) and I dehydrated the rest. I ended up with about a pint jarful to store for other meals.
I took a blurry photo to remember our day.

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