Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday - er, well, I'll catch up

I know, it's Wednesday. But the weather is so frigging (I never say that!) windy and frigid that I'm staying indoors at home instead of my best day of the week outing to the Flint Institute of Arts Wednesdays at Noon movie and coffee with my progressive and gardening friend Sharron. I need gas, and there is no way I'm standing in this cold long enough to fill the tank. So today I'm taking the time to try to figure out this thing called Green Thumb Sunday. Sharron is home with a headache watching Will and Grace reruns.
Garden bloggers everywhere apparently post a photo of their garden, or a plant, or some gardeny visual image, every Sunday. So watch for it... if I get the blogroll thingie running. I'm not tech saavy, as they say.
So here below is my first photo for a belated Green thumb Sunday of one of my favorite flowers, a purple poppy I grew in my herb garden.

Green Thumb Sunday

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Gardeners, Plant and Nature Lovers can join in every Sunday, visit As the Garden Grows for more information.
And, Thank you Tricia!

Here's another shot of that poppy:


Sarah said...

Welcome to GTS! Your poppy picture is gorgeous. :)

Betsy said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for visiting. I checked out your blog and enjoy your writing. I'll be back to read some more. I think it was your blog that finally convinced me to join the GTS posters, if I can only remember to do it now. I thought we had to post a photo we took that very day, but then I read a bit and now I think I get it... we just post some visual garden related photo that we took, right?

Sarah said...

Yes, it just needs to be garden related. That's a good thing for me, because I'm running out of ideas. Last week I did two pics of my veggie garden after I'd planted, and then 2 months later.
Looking forward to your next post!

Betsy said...

Hi Sarah, Running out of ideas... that happens once in a while here, too. Just keep your antennae up and sooner or later you'll be inspired. I really like to read and write inspired posts over the steady but pedestrian. I'm enthusiastic about enough other things that there is always too much to do, and in the time when the garden blog is untended, then it just means I'm doing other things. Never enough time! Or in herbie speak "never enough thyme"!

Betsy said...

Whoops I meant to add to that last comment, that your time lapsed veggie garden is what clicked on the lightbulb for me. See what you've done? Inspired another person to do something new.
In the near future I'm going to be adding garden blogs I like to read to a new links list on my blog, to make "one click reading" easier for me at least. You'll be there, hope some readers click your way.