Monday, December 10, 2007

inspiration in incremental steps

Funny, how wandering links from website to website can take you down paths you never imagined. It was a good path today. Looking for a craft site to remind me of how to securely attach ribbon to a wreath, I came across a series of crafters and artists who are deeply interested in the spirituality of their work. The end of this journey was the following website - no arts and crafts involved, but a dose of inspiration.

Is this the Season of Shopping? Is the Prosperity Gospel, all intertwined with Fundamentalism and Blind Faith and Deservedness of Blessing and Unquestioning Patriotism to (abandoned) Shared Core Values that we no longer as a nation take time to understand - is the 'Prayer of Jabez' what America has sunk to? If manifesting good is the goal of prayer, this richest self described Christian nation in the history of the world has fallen sadly short.

But no, Virginia, there are still those who understand the importance of the Sermon on the Mount... Here is a link to my inspiration for the day... The goals are listed there.

The prayer of the million prayer march is as follows:
"The world now has the means to end extreme poverty, we pray we will have the will."

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