Saturday, August 04, 2007

Worm Thief!

I THOUGHT I had a pretty good set up.
Out the back door, on the shady side of my shed, right near one of the compost piles I located my worm box.

Did I tell you about the Growing Power Urban Agriculture workshop at the Extension, when Will Allen came to Flint and left behind a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm, and some of his red wiggler worms?
Anyway, I had a worm box, but never had the right kind of worms - so it was unused - until Will Allen's worms came home with me.
My beer-brewing son gave me a bag of spent barley mash for bedding, and with my food scraps, I was ALL set.
So, today I'm taking my scraps out to bury them in the bedding. And this is what I find...

A WORM THIEVING RACOON STRUCK! The Rubbermaid top was pretty tight, I guess, so he must have chewed through the side.
The hail in June and the drought and 90 degree temperatures weren't bad enough. AUUGH!

I dug through the remains, and found a few worms, maybe I can start another box, but in the garage this time.
Oy vey, time for some Lemon Balm tea.

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Hey - I am certainly delighted to find this. cool job!