Thursday, August 16, 2007

Worm thief, captured!

No, not Puffy. Stupid old dear. Meaow!

The racoon escaped from the live trap baited with corncobs. But when we beaded marshmallows on a string and tied it down to the floor of the cage, he had to spend some time in there and he set the spring. We caught him yesterday...

Quit Hissing, robber!

We let him go a few miles away on a wooded road - he immediately tried to climb the nearest strong tree.
If I'da painted his toenails red, I'd know if he makes it back, but didn't think of it until he was set free. Herb did see two racoons, so we're setting the trap for the other one. And my worm bin will definitely stay in the garage.

Worm Bin Update:
Last night at the Master Gardener meeting I talked to our community worm farmer, Brad, and he gave me permission to bring home a scoop of red wigglers from the worm farm he has been tending all summer at the Extension. Yipee! now I'll be able to get another bin going before winter sets in.

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