Thursday, February 22, 2007


Colorful blossoms, lettuce-y green leaves: grocery-store primroses. A legit part of my food budget, primroses satisfy without calories!

Don't throw them out or try to carry on in pots after they are done blooming. Instead, plant them outdoors in the spring.
Many will rebloom and overwinter outddors. I have the best luck (overwintering) with white and yellow, but I keep trying the colorful ones. Hope is a good thing, and trying new things is what not giving up is all about.

Sonnet by V.B.Benedict
[from a 1976 Primrose Quarterly]

When barren winter seems about to die,
And withered leaves decay upon the earth,
Release from aching discontent have I
With Primula rosea's bright rebirth,
That gaily mock the February rains,
Seemingly to increase with every day.
Now it is a joy to live once more
Anticipating treasures yet to see:
Acaulis sweet and polyanthus friends adore,
And marginata blooming in the scree.
No loneliness is mine nor time to grieve;
These mark the potent season's full reprieve,
And life is rich in sight and song and mirth.

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