Tuesday, February 13, 2007

herbies in the digital age - part 2

In case you didn't notice I've added two garden blog finders to the blog(I don't really know what to call them - I registered my blog on their websites, like the 21st century way of putting a little "welcome to my garden" sign out by the mailbox.)

The owner of Iloveplants.com, Susan Myers, wrote a nice personal note on acceptance, showing me that there is someone there, a human being!, who actually looks at the blogs and notices the work. I'm registered there under Michigan gardens, in the company of some fine garden bloggers.
If you have a garden blog, follow the link and register yours, too!

Then, I registered on Stuart Robinson's Garden Tips and Ideas garden blog finder that has a nifty interactive map feature... By continent, you can click on an area and find links to garden bloggers.
So far, four other gardeners are blogging from Michigan on that site. Since I particularly enjoy bloggers who have four seasons to deal with, it is a great way to find them.

I have so much new reading to do! I encourage you, Go Visit, but come back, too.

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