Saturday, October 16, 2010

More yard art - glass totems, cont'd

Back in August I posted some photos of the glass yard art I was making. Here are a few more photos:

(Reminder - click on the picture to see it better.)

Below is a photo of most of them, catching the autumn rays in my front room when I first brought them in for the winter. It is important to remember to bring these glass things indoors, along with china tea cups, clay flower pots, and the like - to keep the frost from cracking them. I have put the blue glass owl totem on the coffee table now, but will probably have to store it in a safer place for the winter.


By Herbie said...

Gorgeous, creates a unique atmoshpere in your garden!

Mary said...

Your totem's are gorgeous Betsy! I saw some at an antique show a few weeks ago and now I am obsessed with buying glass to make some of my own. :o)