Monday, April 05, 2010


It seems so sad to see the birds
fighting and squabbling and having words
When one little robin finds a worm
the other with jealousy starts to squirm
Just like people

Even the birds have joined the race
flitting around at an awful pace
Flying hither and flying fro never
knowing where to go
Just like people

You know the trouble with them today
is they can't live their lives in a simple way
They always seem so in a stew
never knowing what to do
Just like people.

I know that they must feel the same
and are just as tired of playing the game
They would like to stop a while and rest
allowing time to feather their nest
Just like people

If we could get off this merry-go-round
and put our feet on the solid ground
And stop a minute just to view the sky
with its colors of every hue
We could be nice people

The world is full of trouble and woe
there's not much to live for as you know
But if we look at the grass so green
after the rain has washed it clean
We could be nice people

If we could live just like the flower
sparkling with color of a shower
Growing together with all kind of faces
we wouldn't have trouble with different races
We would be nice people

If we look at the beauty all around
the birds and the bees make a beautiful sound
The trees that are so full of leaves
We wouldn't have time for petty peeves...
We would be nice people.
- Pauline Carroll

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