Saturday, January 02, 2010

a wintery blast

The temps are in the low single digits today, and the wind chill is fierce.

Time to keep the kitties indoors, no matter how they whine to get out. (...and to chill out every time Herb replies to their whines "give me grace...")

Time to get used to my new laptop, and Google Chrome. (Patrick will be relieved to know Tony did buy the best warranted coverage, and the Pepsi Syndrome was repaired.)

Time to think about the state of affairs in the worm farm?

Last time I fed my flock (herd?, pack?), the night we had pot roast for supper with all of the accompanying veggie peels, they were still wigglin'. But when I took the trash bag out to the garbage can in the garage this morning the cold was palpable.
I dragged Herb out to find his trouble light and I stuck it in the box over the worm bedding. It was my emergency supplemental heat last winter, so it should work again this year. All the sources I read in the past said that worms wouldn't live much below 42 degrees. That's what kept me from vermicomposting for many years. We proved that isn't so.


jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

We're getting blasted here too, Betsy; our two senior cats went out earlier today and then joined the rest in hanging out around the woodstove in the kitchen. They'll just have to use the litter box tonight, because we've got about a foot of snow since 10 am this morning. Ain't it grand! Happy New Year, winter or no winter...

Betsy said...

hi Jodi! I'd love a woodstove. We're not getting the snow accumulation here in Middle Mitten, but I worry about the power going out with no back up heat.
Yep, when the mercury goes this low, it's "Time To Scoop", and I'm not talking about snow...