Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

My grand-babies, aren't they lovely. Little Aubrey loves finding the eggs but puts them in Kayla's basket. Sweetheart.


I'm looking at other Easter Egg Hunt postings on Flikr and notice all of the lovely parts of the country where the grass is green and the leaves are unfolding. Hmpfh!


Nature's Easter colors hereabouts are mainly blue sky and dirt brown everything else, with a few hints and spots of promise in spring green alliums, inch high rhubarb with its pink green ruffles, reviving green primroses and greening up iris leaves.


The crocuses and scillas are most of what provides the spots of color in Mom Nature's cheeks, but what nature doesn't provide, we do for ourselves ... pretty dresses, colored eggs, plastic toys that hint of summer fun.



I'm So Pretty said...

Oh, they're just beautiful!!!!

Ginny Greene said...

Just found your blog and am really enjoying it. Your grandaughters are lovely.
Looking forward to reading more.

Jill-O said...

Such cute little girls with cute dresses...that is quite a haul of loot they found! It's looks as though your Easter was wonderful.