Saturday, January 31, 2009

a small cheap pleasure

Flowers from the sprouted top of a daikon radish. A pretty little reminder of life in the dead of winter. And free.
Everyone knows about sprouting the discarded tops of root veggies, so I won't go into the how-to. Just a reminder to do it.
(For a larger picture, click on the photo.)
Just look at the fine veining of color in these delicate petals. Lovely.

I feel really kinda strange, watching young bloggers who are discovering thriftiness and "making do" for the first time. Everyone is saying "green" now, and the three R's - reduce, recycle, reuse - suddenly trendy in a big way with mainstream Americans. I hope it's not a passing fad, to be thrown in the rubbish bin when the economy picks up again.
On this subject, AOL just ran a feature about the top 25 thrifty ideas from its subscribers, and except for the one about grinding your own meat, I have to admit - I already do all of those thrifty things. Thriftiness is a way of life around here. I'm so hip (she said with an ironic sigh.)
But in the end, I say about this sudden trend of 'frugal living made cool', more power to 'em.

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Jill-O said...

This is a cyclical thing. And while some will go back to their old ways when the economy gets better, others are converted for life. My mom, who learned frugalness in the 1930's continues recycling, reusing and making do. She influenced her children as well as the resurgence of the ecological movement of the 1970's.
- Another Michiganian