Sunday, August 03, 2008

GTS - setting the painted lady free

Part two of my painted lady butterfly saga began this morning. It had hatched overnight. In one of these photos you can see the spent chrysalis hanging on the netting.

I thought about keeping it for Kayla and Aubrey to see late this afternoon, but would it be weakened by the wait? I don't know.... so I let it go.

I opened the door of my little hatching box and placed it near the African Blue Basil, wouldn't you think a butterfly would be attracted to that fragrance? I turned my back for a minute and it was gone! I caught a flash of orange in the corner of my eye. Must not have wanted to stick around for the rest of the photo shoot.

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Brenda Kula said...

Oh, that's so wonderful and heart-warming! And I love your photos on Flickr, by the way!

Titania said...

How nice to have a new born butterfly. It was probably better to let him go to feed on some nectar, which it seems he did in a hurry!