Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Recipe: Flavored Honey

Aromatic Honey
Source: Herbs For Health Sept/Oct, 1999

1 drop culinary essential oil (1-2 drops)
1/4 cup honey

Pour the honey into a glass jar and add 1 drop of essential oil. Stir well.
Add a second drop if desired. Cover and store away from heat and light.
These honeys will keep forever, but some may crystallize. To reliquify,
loosen the lid and place the jar in hot water until the honey melts. Never
heat these honeys in the microwave.

NOTE : This recipe is a delightful way to introduce even the staunchest skeptic to culinary essential oils. Some good oils to use are ginger, cardamon, rose, peppermint or bergamot. You can also use the oils individually or in combination. Try combining peppermint and ginger, rosemary and lemon or cinnamon and orange.
These honeys are delicious added to coffee or tea, and are effective digestive aids taken after a meal. Or use them to make an instant tea when traveling; just add 1 teaspoon to a cup of hot water and enjoy.

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